Thursday, December 25, 2008

That Time I Wrote Howl or How I Learned To Do Things My Way

Who drops beats like bad acid in a crowd of rubber sunshine,

Who licks battery black from a hat,

Who tastes the burn on America's people, the one

the liars left.

Who feels a furnace heat on palms like ice,

Who rode wave upon wave of yesterday memory to get here and

Who didn't black out.


Who sank ships with lips like hotdogs down hallways and

Who wasn't sorry and

Who testified to crimes against the Now and Keepin' It Real, and

Who wasn't sorry for that either.


Who filled boxcars with ghost visions of '71,

Whose teeth are shades of lovers past and

Who won't change the sheets.


Who still believes in Substance D,

Who blasted Revelations to the tune of God Save Coca Cola

Who laughed all the way to Big Nurse and

Who laughed harder through lobotomy One, Two and Three


Until all that was left was

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