Monday, June 30, 2014


I became against a yellow wall I
saw a tiger of eye trust who took
London streets to trust a good feeling
who is chronically waiting
for unsad or fixing
God please

I'm nothing but stomach anymore

Still Waiting

I spent the time
I was a dog for time and
waves and sands of
Jennifer wisdom of
the dullest narrative until


What if the difference between things
was determined by headphones
between the understanding of the
intention and atmosphere

Incorrect Truths

There's a face I'm looking for
the face is everything it seems
over time I become more aware of this
or shift between awarenesses
perhaps sometimes I forget

it's all about the face,
as if the image contains
everything else that I need

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Erotic Art

I spend time thinking about the
erotic and the grotesque and dreams of
such like fingertips pushing in eye socket like
deep penetration oh moaning prayer morning caress pulling
hair and remembering spitting in her face and her appreciating 
it and thanking you and telling her thanks to your pillows and your

Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Dead Bird

I look at you often and
always fall into your mouth like
it's some fowler's snare to
snatch me and hold me to wait for
hands to snap my neck and
pluck my feathers because
you've always known how to
make me naked or basic or
immediately present

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Daisuke Leaves Flowers On The Floor

Daisuke left white flowers on the floor,
placed her panties on a wooden chair
beside the door,
she came to bed and told me to
go to hell, that she would never
love me

The water glass on the night stand
beside her is always cold on
summer nights and even when
the furnace is breathing heavily 
in the middle of winter

Daisuke left white flowers beside
a picture frame on the dresser,
she never cries for our dead cat 

Daisuke sways in the wind like a
north tree when I leave her alone
She prefers her own company
She is a quiet genius, I believe