Thursday, August 27, 2009

Frustration Ad Nauseum

I want to open up my head and let in the Universe
Let what Is flow into me without the blur of these primitive senses

Five senses, all jumbled and begging for attention and colliding
In this mind at this moment

The I wants to explode with the frustration
The Overwhelm

Imagine a glass jar filled with water floating in the ocean,
the only way for the atoms and molecules to share themselves
is to pass slowly, eternally slowly through the glass.

I'm dying to pop that lid off and be with the Ocean.

Funny, I think dying is what it takes.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Cancer mouth
Speak freely of the face you saw
Schizophrenic diary, dual entry
Paint a picture in blood
Paint a picture in guts
The more morbid, the better the story
Be a dark one, paint a dark face
Put your hands into the hole
Put yourself into the grave

Sleep and be free
Cancer mouth

Sleep to me speak
Speak to me running blood
Run blood to the valley of my dreams
Dream me the answer
Answer my riddle
Riddle my night

Night, a cold place
The Earth a quiet time
Sleep to me speak
Speak to me of Earth


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Midnight 1 A:M 2 A:M 3 A:M Sing

How bout we open up
Logic and mind to three ideas
One, Love
Two, Peace
Three, Earth
Idiot, industry won't save your skin
Idiot, I won't be found within the city city beating heart
the city city beating life

go outside and
see the sun, your mother sun
sing thank you

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Swallow your pride, with a little salt water,
with the tide
Tell him anything, tell lies
Overboard there's a squid and an ancient sailor
Be the raft, be the life preserver
Overboard there's a squid and an ancient sailor
Please just be the calming of the water

These Days

I've got a Love so hungry, it's chewing holes in my chest
And I'm aimlessly leaping only to find myself choked
on a three day chain

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jeremy The Tall

I am Jeremy The Villain, three eyed
peanut butter fingered eight years old
and caped in red

A stick, a stone, dirty handed and alone
on the street where I will grow up until I'm ninety two

I am the Red Racer, and a kite running genius,
the King of hide and never found

I invented anti-gravity the same day that I
wrote a novel about my adventures with trees,
trees that spoke that speak to me and bark the night to birds

I am Jeremy The Terror, mortal enemy of the closet monster,
the business suit tentacled psychopath, a man shrouded in cancerous black
I've seen his briefcase, seen the eyes that peer from keyholes deep deep deep
Keyholes meant to keep

I am Jeremy The Strong
I am Jeremy the Tall
I am Jeremy Whatever I Wanna Be

Friday, August 7, 2009

Liquor and Peanut Butter Granola

On a Friday night

A Song For 2035

The sun is in your eyes
and it comes as no surprise
when you're lying on your back in the field where you grew up
Thinking about clouds tattooed on palms so old
staring into all the holes where God might be
Exploring all the space around you
tearing up the place to find the
questions to the answers and you haven't got the cancer
but you know the burning know the burning
in your palms

The sun is in your eyes
while the river bed it dries
so you lie upon your back and sing the songs of dissolution

The sun is in your eyes
while the field openly cries
to God to God about the poison in its Earth
It can no more give birth to seed to root to bleed to human fruit
it cannot grow or gray or give
it cannot any longer live

The sun is in your eyes
as the Earth it slowly dies
as the madmen hypnotize each other
signing the God songs of war

And sadly,
I don't believe that art, love or lsd can save us.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Dark Song

Sixty years of a smile I imagined I had mastered
And all that time I smiled through disaster
Sixty hours isn't comin any faster
Well now I'm the slave,
and you're the master.