Saturday, November 12, 2016

Jessica Renting

Jessica love template breathing help digitally with
an app or an aptitude for breathing apart from digital
templates of living in Jessica's face and thoughts she's a
torn two space inhabiting slut renting too much for
too long

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Leaving It Alone

What am I contributing to if at all if at vegetable all of my bush and bramble conversation
self if at all in my life and world if I can spill a thing to him or her his holy representative in
secrecy were to write my letters and pass them on even though my secrets were nothing less than
a description of the beaches near the borders of Michigan and the organ music of an old happy lesbian next to her hearth and in her old home that reminds me of a steamship god I love it....

I can't disturb this peace. I can't be myself on it, or to it. I have to be quiet and not rub off on it or I'm
sure to fuck it up.

God help us


Take onto me a weight of soup and oatmeal like I'm responsible for feeding the mouths of cute
idiot children just because they're short haired boys who don't know what a cold-steel-gut feels like, the lucky little fuckers, but I'm tempted to kiss them all with an abusive sort of innocence-murdering-wisdom until they're just broken shoe-gazing parking meters and book-memorizing-automatons and do we even know what we need them for yet? Economists joke about it...

No one knows. Dead weight smokes newly legal pot and podcasts whatever sounds interesting.
It's an age of intoxicating marvel. Float on. Wonder about it. I have no idea where god went.
We killed it. Congrats.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Breathe Ativan

Congratulate her, she's a good dog with a silky coat and
good fur for a furniture sort of home sense comfort home
feeling home giving sort of warmth and love and safety and
grab rubbing you tightly until the panic overload and teeth
clenching is passed

Chubby Nothing

What with a wholly nothing gap in his every whole happening
chest of living moving flesh his being was wholly into
nothing noticeable but for a thudding sound which was an
evidence to a thick realness which was perhaps a sign of
objective maybeness but after a long night and morning of
thriller dreaming I'm bound to drink water and wonder if
anything is real at all