Friday, May 27, 2011


Whose violence is vocal, whose
lyrical exhalation is a cold wind,
whose eyelashes are nets trapping
the bycatch of beautiful vision,
whose sweat is a fuel for sleeping
whose history is an ocean of tears,
whose love is measured in the
misspent years between trying
and hopelessness, between
the faceless I and the changed
whose two spirited truth seals
this night time casket,
night time night,
whose cruelty is soft, and
innocent, and honest.

I understand/I don't understand.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


It's almost

Sunday, May 15, 2011

...To a box in a hole in the Earth which is a sphere...

Crashed astronaut or naked
ape, or damn
fool tabby cat, throbbing
heart and shiver cage

Shell of plaster shaking
in a wind, aging in fast forward,
forwardly spiralling backwards in
the 4th dimension

Hail of empty lung prayers is the
story of the night time night,
common, very
very common

Now I'm not long for this world,
the shakes are getting worse and
my brave cowardice is peaking on
angry fuel

Who is fed up, who is tired, and
who simply disagrees with the
structure of the
It or who simply
cannot navigate the deafening
noises patterns of human
emotional language and
yes, who speaks and speaks and
speaks and is never
understood in 1:1

So I will die and lose*
this Thing I know, it will
never see humans.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Gasping Gasping Gasping

I feel different, difficult, devoted ghost, starving heart...

Listless eyelids useless art,
band of sleepers band apart,
Caution eyesore karmic lamb,
foolish tabby this I am
Gentle nightmare wooded jaw,
bloody bed sheet manger straw
Fleeting chapter crooked spine,
frozen tongue converging line
Sinew silence gasping sex,
gasping gasping gasping -
Coral sunset beauty keep,
waking vision chorus sleep
Callous gesture fickle eye
Friendless snowfall baby sly

Gasping gasping gasping -
sleep and
gasping gasping
sleep and
gasping sleep and