Saturday, May 26, 2012

R. Cairns Female Every Maybe

Excellent silk, page turner breast skin
let me in to sheets of everything
You cling to my ribs like a
honey bee sings my sizes be-
cause he knows me he
knows every

And I love you, through
all this hateful intimacy,
my blind hunger and your
rampant mistrust of
thing every

Friday, May 18, 2012

Church Curses

Like I'm some queer with
my breadbasket arms open legs
spread bleeding from a gash I
dreamed in derealized
how many minutes
I dreamed myself a
man not a man
I was a woman
tearing at herself, trying
to amputate the eucharist
she was force fed as a
Pubic hair
a tail fallen off
some ewer that lusts after
full milky tits in violent
jealousy loathing its self
safe boring existence as
a vessel for dumb tropes

What congregation is this

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Because fuck you.

Styro plate
empty stomach
itchy nipple hate
hate hate
irate lunch date
conflates bowel sounds with
mouth flapping dirty teeth a
brief but inexcusable
belch squelched any
penny-for-a-thought mas-
turbation the product of
colloquial conversation
regarding the heart of art the
cringing virgin tart her
private parts her
tasteless darting in some
play reviewed by an
asshole who you slept with
just to get the street cred to
pop your collar and pretend
you have girlfriends who
suck you because they love to
Jesus, you're a wrecked beach and
a mess of a bible and a drug I've
never tasted and a mother to
someone and
book with mold a beat a barren
fish a
spider a
mild hiding wider version of a
schoolgirl thick and thick of
ass and tits and staring fits and
fist wringing fits and gasping
fits oh asthma shit I
breathe through lists of
names of women who
have come or came
my name
birthing bed glory
xx warrior
pain in
migraine im-
agination lights who are
totally aliens but also
angels who hold
cryptic menus for
the last IHOP in hell in
bell-ringing exaltation
wringing fell fingers winningly
swimmingly thinking
HEY! Swell, God! Keep it up!

Because fuck you.
It's too cold in this jacket.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Father Questions

And I had communion with him, and
we both were speaking English but
I don't know his words as words
The only path to understanding him
is just to

Friday, May 11, 2012


Because the night, I
shot the moon in the
fucking eye.
Human magic animal
science joke epic.

Love did what?
Folly - we don't
understand love.

But I shot
the moon in its
fucking eye.
Now I have to
deal with that.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What Love Does

Don't fuss little cat, ride
questions fuck answer inhaling
dandelion breath staining your
fingers in the
process kiss me
I'll hurry when I'm dead, for now I
crawl glacially at your hem and you
shoe me with a scarred baseball bat but
you love me fondly; dirt is all part of
this stepping game
you want me in churchwhite with
black lips jam on my palms a book in
my hands you want me still for
your camera which is your cock and
your compass and your caved-in heart and
your fields of tomatoes with all the little
bugs in them and the smell of tobacco and
bathwater and your camera and our daughter
and a little lamb and water and a lot of hungry
grass and some sympathetic soil your camera is your
childless cunt and your evil womb but you are
still my daughter's mother
so I'll drink some water to that but
little else