Saturday, August 31, 2013

His Every Other Thing

Look for him at him for hours at grey unfocused living-spaces trying to find him and trying to find his face in his everywhere body

How do we find his love amongst his every other thing

Barn Cat

Scratch your face until the genius is a bleeding
nothing and a wreck and a baroque painting of a
virgin scratching her face too until the barn cat is your
house cat in a corner in a sun spot taunting birds with looks
that say "I still know how to get you"

Sun Afternoon

Tall house shadow love the tops of trees and
among root finger creep my brother sister sleep

Dog, no name dog, just dog,
follow me see me on dirt ramble I
pruned the bushes all afternoon in the
sun until He pounded me too much
and small water and a little bread
helped a little but didn't mend my
threadbare garments or my
broken back

Resolution lay with the