Friday, July 29, 2011

Does A Title Even Matter?

Ochre eyes, cultivate anything that grows in
your soil when you did pray you prattled on
about God's love and God's loving gift, hell

I'd rather be dead than needing something from
Him, I'd rather thousands of tiny hammers pound
me and my love me and my love pound
my prized possessions

I hate everyone but it's funny how I won't allow
you the same
I want to not live but it's funny how I won't allow
you the same
How do I explain that

How do we proceed

Asshole Earth, swallow me this it
are not the one are not any
one because of disembodied
conspiracy theories, depersonalized
storylines that aren't true but were a
suggestion that she ran with ran with ran
with whistle wither blow in the breeze and
stiffen in the broken knees who's licking
at the coffin and who's hammering nails
out out out
wardly spitting coin
coitus cunning core services, the essential
taxed love

provided from the government


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Dilemma - Of Many

I dislike drunks,
but I dislike sobriety
at night,
how exhausting is that?

Burning Love

There's so much fuel now
you long legged cunt I
want to claw your throat with this
burning love because I finally
know the face of it the thing
that isn't your fault but is because
you like I are complicit are laughing
with it at least in your sleep where
you don't have to confront so
consciously the horror of the

That time makes new things old
makes beautiful things un
beautiful makes us ugly strangers makes
each and every word from my lips
a desolate sound or place

Who feels trapped and
weighed down or
who will eventually I
fear that day

There's so much fuel for burning love now
how long will it last


Oh these dreaming days followed by
disembodied nights, who wakes up exhausted
from punishing sleep only to punishing self

Whose phases are more varied and numerous
than a fistfull of moons, whose hands are [becoming a]
foreign flesh

Who soon won't recognize herself,
who I could only hope to keep

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Endless Ending Song

I ate her eyelids in rewind
I did this it was not unkind
I took her virgin lips for mine
I slowly drank her in

I brought the gift of honesty
She drank it with my poison tea
I am the god of brevity
I sowed her seed for sin

I watched the temple kiss the sky
I didn't flinch I didn't cry
I told her that she'd never die
Oh how I learned to lie

I couldn't mend her broken bone
I couldn't fix her broken home
I couldn't leave this girl alone
I was her Judas then

I read for her of the sublime
I spoke of stillness in our time
With hunger and my cunning rhyme
I caught her in my line

Soft caress oh soft caress
I took apart her pretty dress
I felt nothing I must confess
I do it all the time

But nothing leaves me fuller still
Than the smell of a tender kill
I'll do it all again I will
Until I die I die

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Heartbreak Atmosphere

Tonight is a night for crying, because
I we are a sick chorus of sleepers dumbly
sleeping through crisis one two three while
babies are born and love insanity is cast in
shatter promised heart shapes oh
God oh Mom oh cherub crafty little

oh giver,
everything I owe,
to space between every-

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Who Hasn't Slept

Hello morning, you're not so novel you
are not so adorable or perfect as the
optimistic fairytale poets argue*

You're not the new chapter morning, you're
not our panacea oh you aren't rebirth rebirth

You may embody these things,
some times,
but you are not these things

These things are these

You are trying to be [the good], or you're
supposed to be [the good],
but you can be
cruel too

Bright asshole, too bright when I'm
just making my way to rest, finally
exhausted and surely not satisfied,
you signal fuck birds to call their
cheery curse words, laughter
in the face of my exhaustion,
fuck sun morning shit,
still haven't slept and
now the sky is
lit with



*This is a societally expected archetype. It is devious to contradict this "fact".


Disturb pools of fluid and watch the body writhe or
retreat from asshole winds,
disturb something just for the sake of It

So burn something, hit a beautiful person in the mouth just
to feel a thing, I've never felt so alive as now

But I know it's just a trick

So my heart breaks, it means nothing,
nothing means everything, so
you can stop worrying about



Just barf your guts on canvas,
Capricorn fuck, promise fool promise fail just
lay down and stop breathing and
let your shaking pulse pounding
die into the meaningless ocean from
which it came

These rules are fucking stupid

Who's Complicit

Consensus of the senseless is that
everything is grey again, skin hums with
hunger itch and the bitch has no milk
for the litter

Peak oil came, rust is on everything now
and my mother rots in a library of flesh memories,
some sort of hospital it's not
hospitable, it's not warm it's not
friendly no

Disillusion approaches with
exponential acceleration, to some point of
almost reversal

What I mean to say is that the ugly goes so
far as to be beautiful again before I blink before
you blink we
slept together on this one

We went down together
We lost it all together
We all
let it

So no blame