Thursday, July 25, 2013

Early Salesmen

Fixers started selling their skills in mysticism,
thus began the commodification of God.


Oh holy body of Him or skin of
lamb your blood is a milk,
uproot tree spine bent to carry
a few fish to dry and to feed a
An elder dozes parsing the
real life with shivering
eyelids and sexdreams, who
takes a pine needle tea
then to
nurse some sympathy pain or
maybe extract some
blessing from His green

Keep looking for Him.

Promised Future

Fox like a bone like a trade-in crown like a boss like a frown
like circling on a bicycle on a beam in a fever under a hat and
hung on a hook
above the bed
deaf baby cleft lip grieving under a cross and to a
crucifix and in straight lines to straight lanes to
lemonade water sacrament staked crush

Arizona, twist my diamonds to facetted fuck until my
supple wristflesh is dry paper and then
blow me like crumbled prom queen 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Commodity Twenty Thirteen

Career mouth piece, sixty hour week conjurer suck
it into your cancer gut until a black steak
pounds your crackling heart
to me because you
didn't cook it
long enough

But you shot the moon in its fucking eye and staked that claim and told the
whole world what you wanted which was
some sort of temporary cover for
being a lost boy

really there's only a naked beautiful black boy teenager or
some sort of innocent and though we
know the outcome he
is still only

Bacon Grease

Who is or was or has a black frame full body and
a teenage love and a body that bangs LOUD re
verberating off teeth and concerned moms who
drank a little bit of water sipping from a cup to
progress to a hearty meal and then
full glasses of whatever until an earth
shattering dumb sets in and
paralysis of everything important
happens until
only hunger is the animal and then
then what
empty your pockets fuck find
something to
fill guts dude fill
until a self impressed yes-man says
I am satisfied with my
efforts so now I'll rest