Thursday, June 25, 2015

I Can Travel Infinite Distances In Outer Space Because I Can Think It It's Really Quite Easy

When I didn't die, I bought a penny flower for her and
wrote about a book I once wrote about,
I fell in a dream and when I tumbled I awoke and
fell out of bed and I thought dear christ that's
an odd sort of language
I'm near tears almost constantly,
I feel and feel and I suck in air like it's food and
I can't get full enough and I can't fill all of the space inside
which is most definitely bigger than outside and I want to
fuck and eat everything all of the time because
black holes are the new black

Monday, June 15, 2015


His desire to see her depends solely on which side of orgasm he's on

a man is a fairly disgusting thing

to be a man is a fairly disgusting thing

So -

Gentle peasant opiating,
his lisping universe titters limp insights and platitudes about fucking slowly and loving long and hard.
Never mind reflection, you can't DO anything with truths -
the cause of all problems is solutions, so,
sleep on everything, literally all of the time,
sleep on everything

Late Capitalism, but Probably Actually Always (Probably)

breathers, greedily breathing,
everything is hunger and eating and shitting and sleeping and
working for food to eat and shit more and appease the
holiness of Doing which is such a sad thing because
Being is so much better but says who anymore?
The knowers extincted themselves or were made away by
the success of "humans feeding themselves"
capital H capital F capital T

From Nothing

Appeal appear I didn't eat an apple
I hold a box over my face and nude speak
a moon of stories to it
I ate cold beef for the father
I hugged my mother
I ate my sister
I hugged my brother
I ate everything else then under the spell of everything and
blessed her young body in the warm light of his
enduring thoughts and put my hands together and felt myself and
felt him and touched forgetting which is a stranger's language
and the infinite source of knowing anything from the start