Friday, April 22, 2011

Angel # 2

Travel miles following the periods that
trail your sentences, you always
spoke in broken english

This child is a bridge between us,
my heart to your belly,
we built a furnace to
bear a star

So I've been time
traveling again through
letters, baby girl my


Lips ellipsis sister
hold my hand,
bear my vision and
carry me for water,
and someday meet
this angel she's my

Lips ellipsis sister
three days eight hours
5 cigarettes and a
glass of water

When you meet this angel
see your daughter.

Harpoon yourself, Idiot

'Yes, there are plenty of fish in the sea,
but I've only ever concerned myself with
Moby fucking Dick....'

'I told you this, I meant it....'

I would trade all of this
poison for the
vanilla boring safety of

A dog, a


Sanctimonious I, fucking,

That's right.
Ignore the junky even
when he sees.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Avoiding A Tragedy

Abort that fucking baby,
Good Friday


Fire handguns into the night while
tigers hang in still time, faces of
men with no faces weep

Lying, the beautiful bride
takes everything, insult,

Noise patterns in chaos,
typical nights in
blackout drunk or approaching,
cannot hear over the



450 for 35 Minutes

Wake in a room of tinfoil?
Trying to cook yourself no doubt,
oven of half baked ideas it's
not your fault

A little sugar a
little salt a little
love a little truth
a little honesty
a little wisdom
and blood from
anything that

A tooth
an eyelash a
dash of tear drop


Red Planet

Mars is above us, the
moon is gone,
red eye in the ceiling
of black black blankets and
fuck me, it's beautiful

Times like these, elegance gives
way to truth unbound,
fingers give way to tongues and
sound and I give
to gravity of moon gone

Red eye in the ceiling
Red eye in the night


'Wait', Impossible

And time filled with nothing,
ulcers ulcers ulcers
rhapsody intestinal
but everyone says 'wait'


Big exit is calling


Sunday, April 17, 2011


A lot of assholes and
a hard place

Drink up

Yellow teeth,
deserts in kansas
and stigmatizing smile
Fourteen minutes of safety
followed by two minutes
of repeated stab wounds to
the chest and gut
Do not let sadness and anger grow
Black cast iron pot filled with
bones and bones
and some water and salt
making bone soup and
you call that soup,
that's laughable
Train yard, train station
you have some fixation
with coming and going and
thousands of people
passing which,
is funny,
because you hate nothing more than
You dream of jellyfish constantly,
suffocating on that animated plastic,
killer afterbirth some kind of cruel
Ramble, in your chair in the
empty room
in the
in your apartment
in your hell
that is
a heaven
of sorts
Your sarcasm doesn't always outweigh your
Drink up
Your chin is nearly on your

A Vision Of The Universe As Seen From The Beach Next To An Ocean That Doesn't Exist

Fish bowl museum
ocean of truth to drink in
live in
pray for

At the edge of that ocean
sand dunes stretch for
dreaming days, miles
until we wake from
milky smoke screens of

Eyes dance behind curtain
lids but catch the glow of
so many suns,
buried in those dreams
the hint of all the days

Shivering now on a beach as
unfamiliar as this two mooned
night, I

By fireside for the tide
to ebb, for the one
winged albatross who
said nothing and nothing
then everything

in an
instant of

There was
about it

It was so

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Headaches and Fingers

Beneath a suffocation cloud be
near me suffocation loud and
fear three visions:
a child
a bone
a broken branch

Entropy smoke in my eye, the
stinging electric the first feeling
in days aside from
oh gut,
how I feel you

Suffocation cloud become the
silent treatment in a shroud of
headaches and fingers
headaches and fingers
headaches and fingers

Monday, April 4, 2011

March 2, 2011 and A Mystery Cloud

Did you attend the
coronation of the sky king

You did,
with every breath, with
eyes closed sleeping,
your horizontal prayer
to him

In your distorted room,
wide angle horizons,
muted whites,
you float above the bed
somehow stealing your
photographs right from
my dreams

Which is why I'm

I don't know how you do it

Only the sky king knows
and he hates me

Pardon me,
it's time to
pull at my skin again

I have to go

'67 or '11, Sweltering

This is our summer of
love so
love the bomb, drink
water from the bong, take
lessons from the dharma eating
pigeons in the streets, take
what you need to
eat sleep shit shit shit
eat sleep weep weep weep for
sixty four hours of hell on earth

This is our sweet summer of love,
our sweltering hell.