Saturday, April 28, 2012


New dark temper steel patriot
Harriet temper feel forget blood orange
singing seal surrender silent hinder feeling
toes and toes and quarrelsome fields of
grape vine virginity tender poetry blushing
vine blushing bride blushing pining
teenage hymen seal lock vault chest
tomb tender buried Fort Knox
colloquial cock savage trap tilted
plane tilted raining heaven seven
seconds of
come into my insides trust
God's loving voice
a pea a
sweet potato skin
a stone soup trust
trust a crystal light
till he
swears above pain and
under pain and
I lay smile bright
post life stiff smelling
four o nine white carbon
bated breath waiting freedom
light and paycheck drink night
party quiet inner anticipation quite
possibly the most prayed about
moment before
chemical tiny death

I mean, losing yourself to liquor

Piss yourself

Pig Skull

When are you going to boil his head Chris?
When will you stomach it?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Trailer Park

Can't spell merde without mer... Conclusion? 
Something something something, sea of shit....

Playboy Magazine

To detect erection formal
forget informal dress per-
fection sept he leapt seven
stories I crept seven syllables in
to your chest I took your
best and left ash and moldy
books a test of fortitude a nude
Odyssian quest a blessed fall
a pious ball hells hall hail his
voodoo doll hail awful silence hail
eroticism hail the Tree of Life hail
him, his heart, his wife,
hail Mary,
full of space, she's a cave and a
trope for untrash, unabashed
virtue didn't you know...

Lick your lips
Tuck in your shirt

Maybe Also Not Zen

Be thankful for what you have,
unless that happens to be
Then want more.

Not Zen

Everything everything
all the time all the time!

I better sleep now,
before blindness steals this yes
from me, I must learn to
moderate this blood this
salivating boar

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sex, Water

Hold your water, skirt
cancer, pray hard about
those, hope you
have behaved
I stopped touching myself
because I
am a good
Christian boy
at least so the
book says, me, I just
get thirsty and
cover my bases

If left, I would
four F myself into
some sort of

Some cunt that's six feet deep

Fist Fighting

Deprivation sounds like a sucking absence it
sounds like masturbation peak caught stuck in
held bliss for days of derealized vignettes that
boxed later and forgotten and so hold
little relevance then but hold such
skin now

Hold skin,
that's the key,
to dominate it, or
occupy or to have
its attention skin
Lucky organ, the
shell some beauty
queen gate

Or an asshole or


Fortune favor some sleeping bird,
the universe will reveal itself to a
deaf mute, Gabriel
didn't have a pen on
him, or a sword,
he made
everything up then

Warm milk, stale barn air,
vacuum stall then, I whicker as
a horse, pass me, bridle hand meadow
skin as white like moon,
cradle us, cradle your grapes
until wine flows your veins love

Eat then,
sleeps the dirt


Vesuvius scarlet tear rip
tear jag downspiral under
hair the colour of entheogen
leaves upon tongue held tight
we hold ourselves against a
boulder and a hellhound and I
speak a glamour that
makes her drunk I
sneeze some sort of everything
and throw away the universe in
balled up
climb trees down
to hell and
speak nothing of
it to anyone
no one would ever
take me for true I'd
cry I'd cry
cry I'd
weep upon my
self for
every orc soul and

every burnt body
there isn't
enough room so
they just leave some
piled by the door

Sunday, April 15, 2012


What beginning to start from,
what birth is my beginning, when and how
find me here and now gaping at
infinity puffy eyed but erect sickly
Am clouds am stomach excited
atoms hyperbole arousal amphetamine
urgency collapsing into star dense

And I'm losing my language
Infinity overwhelm
Every word I know attempting to
push through my mouthchest
at once

All colours make black
All words make paralysis
Escape orgasm escape dream

Enfant Terrible

You cannot spell
Medusa without
In a dream I doused your
flowering cunt in
gasoline, I did a great
many man things,
my favourite was
fist fighting and
the bruises were
hot as hell

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Diet Cola

Pull on your face, pull everything towards honesty pull to
wards some height of orgasm Rebecca pull to a shadow that speaks pull
to a dog barking or some dog that speaks pull
I'm the weakest baby of four or
am I I'm weakest or
weeks apart from miracle saviour Christ okay and
millennia but it's metaphor anyway -

Chastise a ghost - sure, but
leave me in peace and
I freeze in honest paralysis of
my own vision I

I burn I
brightly burn a
candle for only
me be
cause a loving live is
a selfest living prayer and on
some diet of honey and milk and
some nourishing faith and some
terrible fish or shells and some rancid
ground I
lived I lived I slept I lived and lived and
live sleeping
chooses to
face in the
filth of humanity?

Terror Hunger

Forgetting Brian Jones is for
getting bones to break in a dream of
a hunger babe animal, an instinct corpus
massive everything....


Shitbird, I'm
too fat, I'm too thin, I'm
nothing that shoud be breathing in
this suit of tea spoons and birthday cards and
I'm some sort of lace curtain in some bloody
and I'm a boiling pot of
womb fluids that soup that
makes a baby
blue body fragile baby egg love
him precious little gift I loved him but
Chinese food laundry dog meat paper
cardboard dripping garbage lost baby lost
where lost then I
losing my

breathing then and stalling in mid clench I had some
fist and some skypunch in half completion then I
couldn't I could not complete in some
paralysis crux I
tensed into
excruciating leg pains and I
mind-racing hammered out some
plea bargain to some kind of
predatory saviour who would
sell us upstream for blowjobs and
handjobs and who would pull my hair and
pull my skin and who would
drink such a thick juice and love
that syrupy sort of finish and it
chokes and sort of chokes my
baby girls it