Sunday, February 28, 2010

Us & Them

Greedy pig-bastards.


That seedy freak, he took his hands and he squirmed and fidgeted and I knew something was foul, the way he kept looking at his watch and then the door. I could taste his anxiety.

Monday, February 15, 2010


He shook my hand and took my fingers

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Heart Conditions

I'm pretty sure a bad heart is gonna do me in.... I'll be alone.

I'll try not to despair.

A Return: 2

...and the glass is empty, and it's time to decide,
"sleep, or one-hundred-miles-an-hour living in my deskchair".

This moment, and everything lately, is one breathtaking, eye fucking
string of platitudes.

(Questioning or calling out those weak attempts at deepness, as pretentious is another story. Don't ask questions)

Soul seducing, trust inducing, my ears are literally screaming at my mouth
to "take it take it take it!" and my IS is ready to BE in love with everything.....

My love is a dog with a cocked head and a full bladder.

Its tail is all
the fucking

If you could hear the bass drum and the muted snare going wild in my chest,
you'd be close to understanding the seizure I'm having right now.....

Repeat repeat repeat,
revel revel revel.

This is Life!

A Return

Oh yes, a return, signaled by a mighty silence,
a white noise and a wholly unremarkable, quiet breathing.

I've come back to say a few things. Tonight I pan fried my steak
and I burnt the blue fuck out of it. I listened to this album thirty
something times over and then I masturbated chronically,
wishing that John Holmes were still "doing it his way".

It's so seedy. I feel like an animal. But my soul is clenching.
It feels so fucking good.

Maybe I'll drink myself to death.

Okay, so I cracked a window, the smoke cleared, I did the dishes, I sat at my computer and contemplated success. I wrote emails and kissed a lot of ass, and then I wrote more emails.

It was nice to be home; I've been in that huge city for weeks.

I absolutely, love