Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Time Passes

And so we eulogize his soul, because
he was too angry to live, but he wasn't
brave enough to take his life.

Some day he'll learn that it's
smarter to die willfully than
stagnate confused and helpless.

Monday, August 29, 2011

I, How To Live

Who would lock art snobs and philistines
in the same gas chamber and let
the overwhelmed sane get on
with their lives.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Life is art so art is just trying to be life and trying is stupid.

Be, be, be

Love lies on a chair, unused or unopened like a letter written but
never sent or,
Love in blanket tatter rum stain kiss, pause, deep breathing moment -
hold it
Love sister, hold on
to your moment of comfort as she snoozes, exhalations that are your name
but fade to anything not your name,
blackwhite sigh, black then
white smiling eye downturn to
feet, feet, feet

Love me you don't love me you
won't love me you
won't it
doesn't matter
what you say any

Effect removed from
cause is
what it is so

Just be and
be mine baby

Genius fuck
love baby

Monday, August 22, 2011

Suicide Note

I'm losing my language
every day
It's getting worse and
before long I will be mute,

The more I know, the less
I'm able to speak


Lyrical overwhelm like the constance of a humming sound,
that is my every day or night, so the metabolism of
consciousness is a beast in and of itself it's
everything to me now
Awareness I mean, selfness, the who am I or
what am I or why am I become the blood in

Inner world become only world and I've had
to learn to remind myself that out there is


Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart, children don't even
know your name anymore,
sad tragedy sad
Amelia I'll never love another woman I
promise as
long as I live I'll
never love again


When you went down went
down with a smile into water so
deep so loving so everything

For the water truly is everything

Tao of Mouth

Collapsing mouth, rubble teeth
suffocating tongue who begs relief
holy tonsil broken jaw
whose mouth is closed for this is law

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Tangled in this hammock with a hand gun and a hard on and I'm
counting silver dollars in my daydreams in the sun and when I
take a little breath and when I breathe a little deeper I'll be
ready for my death yeah I'll be ready for the reaper but I
do not know my father and I can't remember mother I was
raised on television and I never took a lover who could
sell my heart for fashion who could stab me in the back and
who could tell me I was Jesus and then hang me from the rack

and then


and then


smile so politely girl and kiss me on the lips and
let me chew to bone your pretty little liar finger tips who
told me love is this and love is that I'll never let you go who
told me lie lie lie above all else truth isn't yours to know and when
I close my eyes and kiss the gun and say my last goodbye it's your
disgusting name your filthy prayer that I will surely cry


None of you
deserve this none
of you

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Prayer Before Bed Time

"I find it incredibly cathartic to finish off the night
with a passionate 'fuck you' to no one in particular
but everything equally. I actually stopped

- Him Dreamer Daywalking Manboy Animal

Found Scribbled On His Walls Posthumously

"Useless art for useless art for
useless eyes for
sedative purposes for
useless heart for
useless Universe or useless
experiment so our
useless art will be
useless apart from our
< ... >less heart will be
less a part of our
useless stops and
starts which are Uni
versally useless except as a
punchline regarding art"

We're still trying to figure out if it means


Your saying silence like a mute bird
flapping it's wings, and you on your
triumph red victory horse that is a bed whose
teeth are the broken bayonets dropped by
patriots of love and virtue, who
kissed long and long and deep before the war,
who held hands for no longer than it took to
let go for accepting the fate of boys who
go to their fathers' battles to make
graves of beautiful babies
Whose blood should just as well be oil,
and we with laughtercry hysterical,
wash our hands,
eat our supper,
lay down by our children,
pray god, pray him hard like
throwing letters at wind wishing
for a

boy to win

wishing for a what?
a dreamless sleep or more the truth a
guiltless peace for once for once there
was a time when black became white with
no greys between

fight or flee or three eyes remembering a
dharma of sleep

Thursday, August 11, 2011

All In One Breath

Crystal carnage new wave panacea for a headache that keeps throbbing through
decades and angel eyelash corduroy confetti in my aids aids aids infected father who
took me for granted and took this whole world for granted as a glass jaw harlequin or
a filthy mouth song bird who spits tobacco and tar on a hot day but never apologizes who
runs their filthy mouth who
carves curse words in soapstone and dialogues the night who
monologues the day with pepper in their eyes whose fireflies outshine the
beating heart of liberty of majesty of honesty of dynasty of
every little lie I ever cried until the ocean fed the sky to the tune of
fuck fuck goose I
didn't feel a loose tooth until the day my
father died who's
taking taking taking turns raping the moments of their will to live that's right this
suicidal universe is against you and it's begging for implosion it's resorting to
slow entropy it's torturous like sexual teasing on the hottest day
imaginable it's finger tips tracing your spine it's
a betraying tongue flicking your ear it's
a moist breath condensing on your icy belly and falling
falling down down down to
the place you fear to be alone with
your throbbing Judas
betraying your animal betraying
every part of you that wishes it could be a good man or a
virtuous man but you're
really a
vulture aren't you?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I finally realized my truth,
that the greatest thing I will
accomplish in this
life is having an

I think I'm
ready to die
now. I think
I'd like to
die now.


You know, some of the
prettiest girls become some
of the ugliest