Friday, April 24, 2009

You're Chemistry

The chemists in my mouth tell me that they miss you.

Raw, Tired, Written

How raw am I?
Open like a mouth,
open like the palm,
open like the Christ cave,
open on the floor. 

Read all the words,
and read them backwards, 
cry, fall down, laugh
write your letters, tell your 
friends you miss them.

How raw am I?
Only as much as I am tired.
My food expires,
I wake too late. 
Our apartment collects
dust and empty dishes, 
I sleep on the floor.

Six Shooter Love

Lone cowboy, standing like a cactus moon
Six shooter love, put a bullet in my hand,
A horseshoe in my heart
For good luck, for every injun
Put sand in my boot
A feather in my pocket. 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Low Low Low

I Hate Love Stories but I do not hate Love; it's so much deeper. 
Sink through the waves with me and I'll tell you the story.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Promised Potential, Painfully Unrealized

"When they find a way to link my brain to a paintbrush, a pencil, a black Bic, a typewriter, Six (6) types of video and still camera, musical instruments, sound and video production software, and the entire line of Adobe products, I will make the Universe implode. Until then, things will get lost in translation......"

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Inability To Express

"If only I could draw,"
 or "If I could only sing."
"If I could build something beautiful."

Because that is the nature of my desire;
there's a long soreness in my heart.
I see works of art and I hear the songs 
of geniuses and I know that I could do it too.
The pictures are in my head. The songs are written

"If only I could draw",
 or "if I could only sing".

Greedy, Enthralled

My hands are strong,
the night is red,
I taste water in this room.

My hands are strong, but they tremble
with the crackle and the glow of electricity.
There's more than water here.

I smell sandalwood burning, and paint,
and I smell your sweat mingled with Karma.

Something from the stereo pulses with
Eastern sex and secrets from the deepest space.
Something from the speakers under the bed 
invites me to stay and watch.

I want to witness the Process.