Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Broken Rituals

When sex is the process of
climbing up the mountain and
falling off the other side.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Daughter Prayer

I am a daughter and a diamond and an angel of infinity and a
fawn often but equally often a hunter and a wolf in that order because
the computer is everywhere now so don't entertain a foolish nostalgia or
any dumb romance don't
lie lie lie
unless you intend to sleep


Kiss your mother with that bird around your neck you
son of God who is a thunder cloud a
clap of earth static a humongous stone
head who spits guns and guns who is an open
mouth who is the man hating goat man who is
a long coat dog pissing into itself pissing all
over itself who is wide eyed always to
great self consciousness even in a
dream who drinks furiously and becomes
furious who took a baseball bat for a
son and a peach pit for a daughter in
holy excellence and in ghost presence
took take three silent moments to
remember that
I am everything

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Be Present

We loved big birth too much for
Christmas day sad telephone calls I
don't lose my composure often I
say my prayers I
gift my children through
these thirty years I
am a sober patriarch I
in this end lose to
cancer I
curse the healthy
young backs who are strong
backs for
trains and unfitted link back
directives but not directions which
are like dreams but not dream real not
dream real not
anything like the

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I am a dog's uncontrollable hunger,
A drooling mouth, giant
fucking teeth.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Who would not divine the 666 sonnets or
trace back to Eden to a fleshy coil and
spill their spit upon soil for
good luck and faith and trust or

Who was a dog almost always, a
human with a rumbling stomach with
hands and
I suppose some mechanical mouth in there
just for the details.


Suicide and a lifetime of idle are
the same thing.
There is no difference.
If you are only existing to exist,

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


There is no "this is how it works," and anyone who tells you so is trying to sell you something.
Don't trust them - they are a snake or a religious man or both.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kill us Now

When Hollywood makes things just to make things...

Monday, January 7, 2013


Whose coal eyes unto thee
make three covenants of
chastity and faith and hungry
trust who must take milk or
be a homeless wreck, a
stray dog a lamb before
wolves whose mind has
gone gone gone gone whose
eyes have clouded whose
dry finger bones are a
crumbling city block a
book of lives a
book of lives whose
old shoes speak whose
cat one two three
is and is and is a
noble guardian sort of whose
crucifix is a crooked woman who
never learned to tie their laces who
hid from books who
never learned to plead his
cases who
took unto himself too much, whose
pork belly had a mouth North
America wound like an infected
dog's eye, put it out
put it out


What to say or
who to love or why I
trust the
god above he fed me
corn mash chunks of
fat he
hid his son inside
my hat he
boiled his entire
and called them fragile sinners
food he cared for
broken winged birds he
cut his heart up into
thirds he
took he takes all his
supply he
cannot will not never
die he
in his holy vision god
is god of god of god of
god he
owns my flesh my
bitter steel he feeds me
crust and crumb and
heel he feels he feels


like everything that's
earthly real he
spins me for days in my
bed like seasickness is
itself my head he is
stomach he is
great he
eats what I leave
on my plate he
is my father he
this universe he
is this
masculine fuck he
ruins woman somehow
keeping her under
under table and
sucking sucking his
emptiness and keeping
his hunger under
the table where
his evil sleeps under
the table where
the dogs fight for bones under
the table where some infant
is a boy god in training smashing
playtoys like soldiers in
hate sickness and
what thing is this what
table have we set what
meal must we eat or have
we been served what
year is this what
orbit am I in what
gravity that
gravity is this love of
christ god what plane even
is this then that I
feel everything every

Friday, January 4, 2013


Visions through veil of unearth, a moon sail fall I
stood tiny tall through visions of the iron cross I
kill a daisy or a dandelion with every thrust and
every sad song I
gained her trust I
gained her trust I

am going to hell.

Black tea nightbeams and unseamed dresses I
unlearned a lesson in faith or forgiveness or I
in brooding indulgence took too much I
took too deep I kept I
keep too much of her I

am going to hell.

Mother what love was that? I
cried out every night to empty room I
pissed my tomb sheets for rescuing hands but
found only darkness kissing.

I was in hell then.

To walk with three black swans and
childsoldiers holy, broken eyes then,
to fulfil a destiny of meaninglessness, infinite
cruel arbitrary,
to pray for a saviour,
Jesus gunslinger steelfist knight I

dream about hell.

 When will I die?