Saturday, December 21, 2013

Blood Pressure

God forgives but I don't know what or what for or how often
I hang very little art in my home because of this -
I don't feel so secure
But there is reliable old oatmeal in the morning and OJ
and I take a taxi to work because I am not an early riser and
I do feel a great degree of North American guilt for
being such a whitey but maybe it's my one vice and
like I said I lash myself with the guilt which let me tell you
ages me

I probably net out

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dinner Table Confessions

I am a bad man, 
not because I have done anything bad but
because I rarely do enough good for
And I lie to myself
Pass the milk

Monday, December 9, 2013

Ordinary Day

Meditate on the ordinary day,
like a bell that rings for
a hell of a lot of no good things to say I
need things and I need a sense of needing
things and I need to fill time like time is all
there is which is a truth more than anyone

Calendar love dialogue, my lover is a page
turning calendar, my lover is Next Sunday,
His day, His night, His throbbing morning with its
asshole birds, giving me a Tylenol and a pillowache,

I am the King Crab on the ordinary day, I am the
hungry skeleton who profusely bleeds his every swallow of soup and
drink of lemon water and is so incredibly frustrated by it.
My frustration is ordinary.