Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Letter

Pair of branches, who would dare cut them from you, who
would sin so great against nature itself as to pare you down,
who would belittle you, who would lessen your enormity,
who would blaspheme with a knife and a curse word, who
would seek to make you a nothing among an everything so
loud and so bright that would emerge a vacuum in your stead,
who hates himself so, to doom her, to doom us all and so
damn purity itself by a sickness that consumes every
breathing love, light, life,
left brain fool, left brain engineer,
killer fuck killer hungering engine who talks everything which
is a kind of gnawing on nothing as the teeth gnash and the tongue
seduces the ears of fools and dreamers and really the ocean is
not a force to be argued with and really this time is not a
force to be reasoned with and really space is space and
not a piece of paper to be folded and really you and your love
are non-negotiable and you some stupid rock of self that are
not my
unplacidly I
burn I
take this bat to drywall
and make holes of
everything and then
burn it all down
which will be my last
spoken word which
will be my last testament which will be
my last message my
last will my
last letter to you

And so I'll sleep so much more comfortably in
conceding that I did my best,
that I loved,
that I tried,
that I knew passion,
while you all will lament senseless
loss of some young potential,
yet none of you will
'get it'
fucking sad pathetic trolls
enjoy your aging and your

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