Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beds x 3

In some emotional coma coming ten
thousand oceans of poisonous seed which
is just my greedy crude oil sickness, the
slickness of which leaves you stuck in
me and stuck in these sheets with my
knees at your temples as I sit on
your chest, tits deflated like some
abused waitress, some animal in
shock and I slap you and you
come back to me and my cock
rockets up and away but is held
earthbound or bodybound
tethered to me in between these
sick legs that throb like
Christ on his cross

Crucified I cried 'thank you
daddy' and I faded into a
-nother dream or a
-nother layer of waking and
I pissed myself at some point
and I
held the note that said the name
of the woman who knew my love and
that's all that happened ever

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