Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Handshake fuck, coordinate love with hate and
tongue in teeth lockdown spitting fast curses to
caress a body of fleshy writhing dishonesty and
manipulation which is a kind of a sex but also a
kind of a destroying or disintegration of his self and
every self and it's a hateful act and she herself is
some manifestation of a hateful sort of love and
her carbon is and was and will be in some way
imprinted with His stamp of holy disapproval which
is a big deal and speaks volumes for her
place in heaven and pity her and pity her oh
curses curse
skeleton fuck and a
bone structure tight-skinned face an
aesthete goddess a beauty queen corpse a
rib cage a pair of sticks for legs a
set of tits like tiny little pyramids that are
barely pyramids but speak to some
of which I care very little but I
entertain just to
placate Her
women with their
wetness and
truly those who possess
the actual beauty because
men are more of some kind of
package and men
are somehow more boring or
less surprising of a creation or a
discovery in this universe of
spaces and things
But the women are this gift
this stumbled upon mystery or...

My mouth is open

I shall close it before I say too much

Because no one is paying me for this

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