Sunday, December 4, 2011

Waves and Cystic Ovary

Cabled kiss to lips to this like

little trysts that list to this my

sister lifts her little fist to

seizure his collapsing hits and

hollow pits deliver its inchoate

fits derived from wrists and

pissing on the cross I lied de

- liverance and holy pi and

three one four infinity is

not the truth it's not for me I

smell a son I smell a ghost I

smell a sweet fermenting roasting ba

-by on the way from him to

her within her belly burn I

taste an everlasting gaze I

blur within the hazy haze I

cry for my confusion dear I

hold onto my wreckage jaw my

ribs and ribs my ribs I saw I

held onto a manger straw a

baby born into a man a

cable truck a panel van a

canine coin a courting call a

wicked game a fire fall a

pasture passing pious pill pro

-methean priapic spill mis

-take and kill miss

take and kill and still who

celebrates their fill of

souls or people or

minds or imaginations or

personalities or

individuals or

smiles that are

illusions for something


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