Thursday, January 19, 2012


Felix fell icy fall
so ironically unlucky then and
unhappily do I and he pray some
kind of muted stain prayer
god sweet christ cry love and
tear everything from himself that
he thought was dear
burn the stranger at the table
burn every foreign impulse and
sleep with the arranged
teenagers who arrive at
your his hotel room and just
surrender to the two
thousands because
this is how it works and
this is every
in your decaying body and
if you sting
if you feel somewhat nauseous you
will be relieved of your
so cold post you
will be relieved from the wall you
will be relieved of the black you
will be relieved of oath you
will be relieved of some sort of brother-
hood and even then don't fret because
you tried he tried we tried they tried he
tried he tried he tried he

set fire

do it

go away from this place while
it's still your idea

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