Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Teenage Mother

Cripple wind finger bone
break nail cut deep rift
cavern upswell seabed
ocean cloud bubbling
vents feed anaerobic eyes
drink heat down swell
thick healthy hell of
comfort blanketed
mummy tight ava
-lanche burning
brightly from
within to suffocate
his gasping skin
shrieking prayers like
birds diving suicide brave
into depths to catch fish
who never look up who
look only forward and
forward until they're
dragged up into a
breathless void to a
disemboweled afternoon
with scales upsetting teeth and
tiny bones choking babies
who are then shook upside down
and upside down and
upside down shaken
babies shaking babies
who shook her baby to death

she did

1 comment:

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