Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Climax With Anyone But Her

Worse than a pig's head that
bawls from your freezer and
worse than a peach pit that
broke your mouth and worse
than accidental treefall and
worse than blood on everything
and spit in your palm smeared
on her face and worse than
pages torn from that
good book that somehow
screams your name into
the darkest hour of your
month long period because
your vagina is a broken
misery and you
can't stem the flow of
iron tears
gasping to
cry that baby and yes
you're a man but
somehow you're
this pregnant woman
you're so full you're so
ready to eject the life that
conceived itself within
your chest and for
nineteen months has
made your ears ring with
nothing and
nothing and
the loudest nothing
and worse than this life is
fear and worse than
this life is being
too scared to die and
worse than life is
climax because it
reveals how
empty you are inside
after you come.

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