Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Something between a butler and a
killer dog, lurking in his pocket waiting
for a throat, lips dry, teeth like mountains,
you've climbed all over those teeth,
climbed between the sheets, climbed
on them in your car in stuck traffic,
told me secrets, climbed on me,
seizures through your songs be
-cause you couldn't rest on one
or any one, your
nervousness made you a
fucking angel in my eyes while
my hands white knuckled the
seat because beneath it I was
always breathlessly pierced
by your phantom spear,
woman throbbing, cock
in hand, killing me, killing
me with the volume of it
in some kind of coma angrily I
waited for the arrow and the
rush of blood from the mouth in
my back through my belly to
waterfall shit
kiss the earth and flood everything low,
small people whose small ideas
dozed pathetically hopeful like
some stupid grass, every blade the
same, dumb, sleeping or worse,
energized, rocketship spine
ironbanded barrelchest puffed out
erect and so proud
to be the guy that
lays with her and puts his
golden cock in her and
he imagines it's some kind of
miraculous event that finally,
the universe allowed it, or
finally, this is what we've
been waiting for and
this is what the universe was
designed for
for this
humping eternity when he breathed I
love you and he
I fucking love you and
she made him say it again and
again and
he fucking
swore it
over and he
for once
actually came honesty,
honestly, he BREATHED,
really real breaths,
he rolled over, he was actually
actually breathing and feeling and
really, actually
felt like a

( <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> )


now is different,
it's gone again

you're not coming back are you?

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