Friday, September 2, 2011

Wonder What The Fuck

Pulse dialtone love means
never being alone and
carry guns or carry sticks
or carry condoms for
weeping dicks or carry ash
for cloudy sky or carry heavy
burdens I will carry on and
carry forth I'll carry fourth
the major fifth I'll
carry fists I'll carry eyes I'll
carry water in my lies I'll

Fuck the dog metaphorically I
burned the house down in
my sleep

I'm jagging with existence and
pranking truth I'm playing games
with you and you and
two versions of my
self there's
the I I see as I and the
me I wish to be or be or
be better than so

Barf the universe barf the key
eject simple fucking honesty a
clear picture or a proof of
so that I don't have to feel that
I'm wasting the preciousness of
moments I could have been sleeping

God don't let me fool myself

I just ask for constance in my heart or
fingers, certainty
that what is beautiful today will be
beautiful tomorrow and
in two years and
in two generations when
my children's children set eyes upon
my barfing work and wonder what
the fuck

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