Monday, September 12, 2011


A man with a beautiful face a woman with a beautiful lung a boy with a beautiful blue toy a girl with a beautiful baby a day with laughter a sky with wishes a stone with secrets a key with cupid a dancer with wings a horse with milk eyes a snake with a promise an ocean with a song a night with a murder a dead man dreaming with a grin a bottle full of space a tooth with eyes a mouth with anger a tongue with justice a home without a map a needle a tree a gift an angel a silver hair a stool or a prism with living emanations or the dead constellations of synapse sex that fled hurtling outward at the speed of living or a book or a bean or a beetle green or a bitch with a litter wanting milk so a saucer does because the tits didn't exist a shelf and dust a ball of cotton soaked in us a candied flower to a lover and a letter to a mother a kiss a dying breath a fuck another kiss a breathing death an unbreathing life after a stomach a hole a cancer a bowl a butter knife and a scalpel buttered bread and a chapel and a priest who prays for endless nights and ending days a cog a second hand a little dust mote and a sand coloured stain on darker skin that promises that once I was lighter but truth happened who calls it Sun a burn a hovering bruise and smothering for days who choose
a stick a knight a cup a holy ghost a sight a sore these eyes a bone who lies an inkwell sly and televised a carpenter ant a glass tattoo a virus an apple a tantalizing breast a seductive arching back a pound of flesh a price a pension earning as an old man aged before us who loved nothing but a quick dog a lazy finger a queen a crow a shred of proof

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