Saturday, September 24, 2011


Cosmic blaspheme
tarantula gargantuan
harangue lips and
scold busy finger tips
corrupt art
vilify the virgin
dance religion
hang the pope
riches bowel
poor radiant teeth
honestly clean
honestly virtuous
pegasus whisper
tender pre-teen fondle
exploration slut who
doesn't know better
bathe in tongue
embrace confusion
abstract the abstraction
dialogue with mutterers
council with canines man's
best friend
taking advice from a hungry
mouth a wagging tale and
restless legs a 15,000 year
old wolf who is an avatar
for instinct
a memory capsule
moon's distance lover
who mothered the
world before birthing
a thirsty litter
fire and fashion and
steadfast love and
origami truth whose
folds are lost the
yellow paper catches in
oiled baseball glove
embrace like
mom and
mother or
mommy who
spit me from the mouth bellow
who knows the nest is nothing
but a test for life and gravity and
the lemming gene the will to live the
migraine of being the
concreteness of the reality of
the undeniability of
living and
dying of the
irrefutability of
suffering at the
strange hand of
being the arbitrary hand of
THIS is me and not this or

So who accepts blowing around in the wind who
surrenders to being a pawn


  1. "a 15,000 year
    old wolf who is an avatar
    for instinct

    origami truth whose
    folds are lost"

    Dude, just, wow. The phrasing here is immensely impressive.