Saturday, December 9, 2017


Like a soup string nickel
nimbus pillow california symbol
able bodied billow heavily over a
tender teenage tongue until I
cancer market pink pillow
california symbol
Blue ocean sunrise crystal
Blonde ambition blonde consequence
blonde on bleeding fingernail consequence
blonde on can't stop picking blonde
on can't stop chewing on my dry lip Ajit
Pai fucking anxious racing thoughts Agitated
circular thought pattern thought crime thought
obsession fixation spiral and I'm
masturbating and crying at the same time
at the speed of Twitter which is the new
standard for the passage of the thing we
try to call Time fuck Time fuck it
fuck Time fuck fuck fuck fuck
The problem with Time lately is that it
keeps going forward into an uglier present
and it makes the past look sexier or maybe
handsomer in a more chaste way like those
weird Monica Haircut 90's are suddenly
safer and more ideal because the pressure seemed less
or The End seemed more distant or
I wasn't so scared of everything costing so much

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