Friday, January 4, 2013


Visions through veil of unearth, a moon sail fall I
stood tiny tall through visions of the iron cross I
kill a daisy or a dandelion with every thrust and
every sad song I
gained her trust I
gained her trust I

am going to hell.

Black tea nightbeams and unseamed dresses I
unlearned a lesson in faith or forgiveness or I
in brooding indulgence took too much I
took too deep I kept I
keep too much of her I

am going to hell.

Mother what love was that? I
cried out every night to empty room I
pissed my tomb sheets for rescuing hands but
found only darkness kissing.

I was in hell then.

To walk with three black swans and
childsoldiers holy, broken eyes then,
to fulfil a destiny of meaninglessness, infinite
cruel arbitrary,
to pray for a saviour,
Jesus gunslinger steelfist knight I

dream about hell.

 When will I die?

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