Friday, November 23, 2012

But Not For Long

Before the yeast rises run, before the least of my
sizes runs a hole through with the sun,
before the halo in my gun plows holes in
my chest, before my best love rest another
above and inside a rabbit face breast.

Your fascist love some anti resevoir,
shackle me to your rib cage walls and
flay me with your thrice cursed horse hair
whip, cemetery tattoo shovel cunt criticize me me me me me
dig deep before I sober, before I over
over come some pillow on some bed some
straw that held my head my neck my shoulders and
every dead part under that

That which,
dumped a cat corpse before a beehive and
sighing resigned itself to forgiveness and
cigarette smoke and the glory of being
an alive being when there are these not
alive beings and in some concrete
admissions and in worms and in
sheepish dicking and in low low
grass and in drink and in deepthink and in
tearful jerkoff and in shaking hunger and in
spiral bliss and in the most cinematic suffering I
am alive I am
I am

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