Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Diet Cola

Pull on your face, pull everything towards honesty pull to
wards some height of orgasm Rebecca pull to a shadow that speaks pull
to a dog barking or some dog that speaks pull
I'm the weakest baby of four or
am I I'm weakest or
weeks apart from miracle saviour Christ okay and
millennia but it's metaphor anyway -

Chastise a ghost - sure, but
leave me in peace and
I freeze in honest paralysis of
my own vision I

I burn I
brightly burn a
candle for only
me be
cause a loving live is
a selfest living prayer and on
some diet of honey and milk and
some nourishing faith and some
terrible fish or shells and some rancid
ground I
lived I lived I slept I lived and lived and
live sleeping
chooses to
face in the
filth of humanity?

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