Saturday, July 9, 2011

Who Hasn't Slept

Hello morning, you're not so novel you
are not so adorable or perfect as the
optimistic fairytale poets argue*

You're not the new chapter morning, you're
not our panacea oh you aren't rebirth rebirth

You may embody these things,
some times,
but you are not these things

These things are these

You are trying to be [the good], or you're
supposed to be [the good],
but you can be
cruel too

Bright asshole, too bright when I'm
just making my way to rest, finally
exhausted and surely not satisfied,
you signal fuck birds to call their
cheery curse words, laughter
in the face of my exhaustion,
fuck sun morning shit,
still haven't slept and
now the sky is
lit with



*This is a societally expected archetype. It is devious to contradict this "fact".

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