Monday, July 18, 2011

The Endless Ending Song

I ate her eyelids in rewind
I did this it was not unkind
I took her virgin lips for mine
I slowly drank her in

I brought the gift of honesty
She drank it with my poison tea
I am the god of brevity
I sowed her seed for sin

I watched the temple kiss the sky
I didn't flinch I didn't cry
I told her that she'd never die
Oh how I learned to lie

I couldn't mend her broken bone
I couldn't fix her broken home
I couldn't leave this girl alone
I was her Judas then

I read for her of the sublime
I spoke of stillness in our time
With hunger and my cunning rhyme
I caught her in my line

Soft caress oh soft caress
I took apart her pretty dress
I felt nothing I must confess
I do it all the time

But nothing leaves me fuller still
Than the smell of a tender kill
I'll do it all again I will
Until I die I die

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