Friday, June 17, 2011

Despite all your bullshit, the reality of

Assholes of the earth expel
hamburger flesh like
a job

Layer layer layer
bullshit bullshit
self aggrandizing moustache
v-neck deep and
three bitches laughing along
at ANYthing you say
fuck mouth

Assholes of this earth or
Earth [sorry/not sorry]
in gang-rape of
something beautiful yet
un realized or
un manifest in
entirety so
whoop whoop
hooray and
whoop whoop light
another fire and
crack another
brew and
light light light light that
big ole' bonfire under the collective
asses of every one of your naive or
maybe just optimistic 'old man's YEAH
so kiss his cheek[?} or present your
ass cheeks I'm
really not sure which you're
down for but
something big
and offensive is
coming right[?]

Civilization as we
know it is
pretence or
joke or
naive fantasy or
maybe strategy or
who knows or
who knows
who in the
knows or

So I'm tired...
I'm unsure,
I feel unsettled maybe or
unqualified to cast my say
on what happens next...

I'm flawed, yes
I'm weak, oh yes yes,
I am

and nothing...

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