Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lily White Jiggling Terror

I remember it well because she came down naked from the open porch onto the gravel driveway. It was somewhere around 1:30, pitch dark. As I said, she was naked, endless rolls of fat dancing and jiggling, but somehow, she'd thought to put on her slippers. Pink, the slip on kind with the open ankle. They were sort of fuzzy but worn down - they looked sad.
She waddled through the snow and to the shed door. She fumbled with keys in the lock, and finally managed to open it. She entered.
A scream tore through the silence. She came out the door again, backstepping quickly. Then she fell, tumbling back on her huge bottom. Her cry was pathetic and gut-wrenching. 
A shadow emerged from the shed, huge and- 

And then I left. That's all I remember. 

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