Sunday, January 18, 2009


America, because of you I have snakes and bullets in my wallet
broken teeth and bad dreams
a handful of blood

America, because of you I have pain in my eyes
a blistering tongue
sadness in every vein

America, because of you my wife is dead
she couldn't bear the guilt
she crumbled to dust

America, you stole everything from the soil
to grow the tree


  1. And because of America you have freedom to disagree with the views of what America does. Don't blame America.

    Because of Canada Europeans are not allowed to fish for cod. Canada put hundreds of Europeans out of work, no doubt some of whom lost everything.

    Did YOU personally do that to them? No. Do you feel bad about it? No. AMERICANS are not to blame. Policies are. A new and better President is in and is trying to fix the mess. Know how he got in? ELECTION! Free country dude.

    Because of America, your parents have jobs here in Canada.

    Because of America, you don't have polio.

    Because of America, we have the AC and DC current elec-fucking-tricity.

    Man, oh man, you're off the mark here. Not even deep dude. Thanks for playing though!

  2. All valid points from a very knowable perspective. Your argument threatens to cause doubt but in the end, and forever and ever (within reason; never say never etc) I'm not at all sorry that I wrote that.

  3. I need to come back to this.

    Thank you Daryl for your insight. Much appreciated. It's unfortunate that we can't discuss this further. There's a lot that you need to understand.