Sunday, June 18, 2017

Panic Sleep

Deify the dyad,
Who will let me try at
angel anything
Whose terrible nothing is
heavier than water in your cupped hands
Kiss caress in quiver fuck in
shiver in my tiny lucky bedroom
wooden box of truth in
stories of my sister Ruth who lived
inside an upside spoof who lived
under an upside roof who gives who
gave who will amaze who lives within
a hellish maze who touches lightly for
a time who touches only once before she
plunges deep into your chest to rest to rest
to rest to rest to rest to sink to sleep to dream
alive in such a time as we can only hope to
say that we recall before we are erased by
falling water ash and fire stone I do recall my
mother's bone she laughed and took my photographs
she kept them all up on the fridge I don't recall
what's in my fridge I never do I always lie I
don't remember vegetables I only ever tell them lies I
don't drink water only black and sugar syrup heart attack
I restless find indulgent church I don't remember pride in work I
crush the holy wafer in between my fucking terror grin I
can't remember anything about a fucking anything I
read and write and hope to find a single shred of peace of mind
in stillness or in ecstacy in holy him in trinity
in him in him in him I fail to see the fabled holy grail I
count my blessings nonetheless until tomorrow panic sleep

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