Friday, September 2, 2016

Holy Fuck Mountain

Holy fuck mountain
I've seen it
I've tasted the air that
rubbed it's shoulders and
tumbled down it's back,
there were so many cats at the
foot of holy fuck mountain, milling
about, looking for milk and biscuits,
or maybe a few mothers to nuzzle
into and lick them, they chirp like idiots,
they don't know anything, I'll build a fire
and wait and watch and roll a cigarette and
sing a song I taught myself from a book of
hymns about him and his holy fuck mountain
I'll build a church here some day maybe, there's
a stream nearby, cold water and fish and sometimes
a bear comes to take what he can catch to fill his belly
for so much sleeping and all the bear business on the
mountain that needs a full belly, it's a hell, being a bear
with an empty belly, no bear told me that, I've just watched,
and listened - holy fuck mountain talks if you're quiet and if you
listen just right and if you don't interrupt with any chewing or
hollering or any kind of plan making, it's not a dignified way to
treat your holy fuck mountain
it's important to love it
to love her

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