Friday, March 25, 2016

If This Then I

Awake again!
To see to write to breathe exhale a big nasty puff of invisible unsee
blue less dense than water more dense than nothing about the
same density as soul but dumber breath
is and will always be
in out in out in out
giving me a tylenol giving me a chest ache like caving hunger from
stem to stern or my
third eye to my asshole
nothing is sacred
Awake again!
Drink deep to awake from a long sleepy dust sleep not
a word or peeping fuck from you as you and we
our hands on mouths and pull hair and dig into each
other and bite until our bleeding lips are flags for
the hate in love and love and love as old as dirt
dirt dirt dirt rose dirt rose tomato bean and
dirt and rabbit skin dirt bird bone dirt the collar around your
neck dirt the money in your pocket dirt the book you read in
dirt the love your church in dirt the promises you keep to
dirt the bitter sweet my dirt my loving faithful baby dirt
my honest loyal dirt who dirt when dirt the why the dirt

The passage of time is a pile of black earthy shit from which you
emerged unto which you will return the passage of time is
a sexy quiet song in the first and last bath you took and
dirt is the only covenant and the only evidence of Him
so lay down and breathe and be awake and just let Him happen to you.

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