Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How Many Times Will This Go Around

What isn't the meaning of life if not if to mean
yourself into a less unreal dream than your currently
unrealer dream which is a fucked up scheme of
math and plans and finger paint across His sky and canvas
of your skin and bone and brain and snake fuck gut whose
teeth or fangs are hook assholes digging into who
in fuck knows what

the truest thing I've ever heard is that 'there's
too much confusion' I absurd speak twenty million lives into her
and she kills all of them with modern magic and I literally
don't know what the point is because we made a joke of Maslow or
maybe Maslow just is a joke or we got to such a point to recognize His
relativity is relevant only as far as we invent in moments of not-seeing
deeper greater bigger everythingsmy eyes and ears and my nostrils and
finger skin and my mouth clearly aren't big enough clearly not
enough and ever will be

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