Friday, September 20, 2013


I am a courageous young thing a
cowboy and a crimson king a
nightwater pool a synthesized melody an
indian in summer corn watching the
migration of calcium from the leg bones of
a fawn a
desert spider on a turtle's back a
jackrabbit a yawn to laydown to
longsleep or crowfood and marrow
unfamine to form some depression in
the dust to become a sort of a bowl to
wait for the monsoons to come to be
filled for a while and
become a small ocean for a
few snakes a scorpion a desert fox a
cowboy and a crimson king but
somewhere along I lost my courage
when I capped her ass I
fucked everything in the desert sun I
wore her like a hide and serenaded
no one with my idiotsong like my
spurs meant anything because they were
silvershimmer and steelsex and horsespeed
until they weren't anymore

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  1. This is probably my favorite piece on here. Strong as fuck, impressively done.