Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What Love Does

Don't fuss little cat, ride
questions fuck answer inhaling
dandelion breath staining your
fingers in the
process kiss me
I'll hurry when I'm dead, for now I
crawl glacially at your hem and you
shoe me with a scarred baseball bat but
you love me fondly; dirt is all part of
this stepping game
you want me in churchwhite with
black lips jam on my palms a book in
my hands you want me still for
your camera which is your cock and
your compass and your caved-in heart and
your fields of tomatoes with all the little
bugs in them and the smell of tobacco and
bathwater and your camera and our daughter
and a little lamb and water and a lot of hungry
grass and some sympathetic soil your camera is your
childless cunt and your evil womb but you are
still my daughter's mother
so I'll drink some water to that but
little else

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