Thursday, March 1, 2012

Love Is a Nine Letter Word

Entertain self doubt, pity fools or
pity geniuses, what is the difference
Drink deep, peacefully hold your
tongue up and out for her
I embodied something more whole
Now I embody vacuum, eyes
hungrily speed talking an
anxious blood-sugar
Whose chapel is a
dreaming sexual violence,
His blood is my own weeping
manhood, His flesh
preserved under my fingernails my
flesh in truth,
Whose confession sounds as though
a recipe for soup, bathing bones my
liquid fat my self-loathing shudder ex-
halation fleeting prize
Glory be to balled up tissue and
some substitution for bawling, how-
ever momentary
Self orbiting Sun and Earth, twin
torment mirror spit running stain
Pale eyes virginity collect sweat
under his massive cancer


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  2. Fantastically urgent.

    Most people type the word "pain." You have the skill to actually write about it.

    (Comment redacted.)