Sunday, October 9, 2011

Last Breathing Moment

Tide flee seabird sea tread water salt
ash engine forward fastly fasting heavenward
try muddy water wilting wander hips sore
from winter store to store to summer
lore of tree spirit book djin who let
the armies of Isreal in even though
they were nothing but dried bones
who saddened over burnt bread
took shelter from His wrath yet
drank His milk sweet bathing
silkworm working title term
fuck flirt with firefly notions of
foxes loping through the
dirt gallery to halls bursting from
the echoes of heartbeats that
are the manifest destiny of
Christ's throbbing human
erection in indifference to
taste and questioning skin
I'd rather taste the flesh of
foreign fruit than drown in
the queer parading chasm of
stupid certainty which is
the universal dumb
I'd like to die in
a glass tunnel over water

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