Thursday, August 11, 2011

All In One Breath

Crystal carnage new wave panacea for a headache that keeps throbbing through
decades and angel eyelash corduroy confetti in my aids aids aids infected father who
took me for granted and took this whole world for granted as a glass jaw harlequin or
a filthy mouth song bird who spits tobacco and tar on a hot day but never apologizes who
runs their filthy mouth who
carves curse words in soapstone and dialogues the night who
monologues the day with pepper in their eyes whose fireflies outshine the
beating heart of liberty of majesty of honesty of dynasty of
every little lie I ever cried until the ocean fed the sky to the tune of
fuck fuck goose I
didn't feel a loose tooth until the day my
father died who's
taking taking taking turns raping the moments of their will to live that's right this
suicidal universe is against you and it's begging for implosion it's resorting to
slow entropy it's torturous like sexual teasing on the hottest day
imaginable it's finger tips tracing your spine it's
a betraying tongue flicking your ear it's
a moist breath condensing on your icy belly and falling
falling down down down to
the place you fear to be alone with
your throbbing Judas
betraying your animal betraying
every part of you that wishes it could be a good man or a
virtuous man but you're
really a
vulture aren't you?

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