Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Return: 2

...and the glass is empty, and it's time to decide,
"sleep, or one-hundred-miles-an-hour living in my deskchair".

This moment, and everything lately, is one breathtaking, eye fucking
string of platitudes.

(Questioning or calling out those weak attempts at deepness, as pretentious is another story. Don't ask questions)

Soul seducing, trust inducing, my ears are literally screaming at my mouth
to "take it take it take it!" and my IS is ready to BE in love with everything.....

My love is a dog with a cocked head and a full bladder.

Its tail is all
the fucking

If you could hear the bass drum and the muted snare going wild in my chest,
you'd be close to understanding the seizure I'm having right now.....

Repeat repeat repeat,
revel revel revel.

This is Life!

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