Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jeremy The Tall

I am Jeremy The Villain, three eyed
peanut butter fingered eight years old
and caped in red

A stick, a stone, dirty handed and alone
on the street where I will grow up until I'm ninety two

I am the Red Racer, and a kite running genius,
the King of hide and never found

I invented anti-gravity the same day that I
wrote a novel about my adventures with trees,
trees that spoke that speak to me and bark the night to birds

I am Jeremy The Terror, mortal enemy of the closet monster,
the business suit tentacled psychopath, a man shrouded in cancerous black
I've seen his briefcase, seen the eyes that peer from keyholes deep deep deep
Keyholes meant to keep

I am Jeremy The Strong
I am Jeremy the Tall
I am Jeremy Whatever I Wanna Be

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